Leather Branding

Create Something To Keep

Webelos scouts will have a chance to take home a leather round with a Fleur de Lis branded on it to remember their time at Polar Cubs.

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  • Capture the Flag at Polar Cubs

    Most people think of this as a summer time activity, but at Polar Cubs we prove that it is just as much (maybe more) fun in the winter!

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  • Kick Sleds

    Try something new at Polar Cubs! Kick Sleds are a traditional Scandinavian activity that is similar to kick pushing a scooter, except you are on skis!

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  • Knock - It - Off!

    If you like playing Angry Birds you will love playing Knock-It-Off at Polar Cubs! Scouts will build a structure using wood blocks and hope it can stand up to attacks from opposing teams.

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  • Penguin vs. Eskimo

    This wintery twist on a classic game of tag will both keep you warm and be a ton of fun! Lion and Tiger Scouts can look forward to this game at Polar Cubs!

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  • Sled Chutes

    Our sled chutes are designed for the impossible to predict Minnesota weather

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Leather Branding

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