Wood Badge, What Is It?

And Why You Should Take It!

Wood Badge is a six-day training that gives leaders opportunities to learn about Scouting, use the patrol method, develop an individual vision and gain tools that apply to all areas of life.

When asked about why an individual should take Wood Badge, Scouters say:

  • You experience Scouting from a youth perspective and gain a sense of the entire Scouting program
  • You are challenged to stretch yourself and to grow in Scouting and in life
  • You meet life-long friends
  • You discover what “boy-led” really means and what it looks like in a unit
  • You gain an appreciation of diversity in youth and adults
  • You expand your Scouting network as you work with fellow participants and volunteer staff members
  • You learn and experience team-building experiences that are helpful in Scouting and in your personal and professional life
  • You learn how Grey Wolf/NYLT trained youth and Wood Badge trained adults strengthen a unit
  • You discover an experience that shows you the value of Scouting instead of just telling youthe
  • You gain a toolbox of leadership skills empowering you as a leader
  • You have FUN!

This could be you! Please consider joining us at the next Wood Badge course. Register soon as the course is limited to 56 participants and fill quickly. The cost of the course is $250, $100 of which is due in deposit at the time of registration. The fee pays for lodging, training and the meals for the course. Don't miss out on your chance to experience Wood Badge yourself.

Winter 2018 Course

David Eisenbrandt serving as Scoutmaster and Daron Meyer serving as Senior Patrol leader. It will be offered at Kiwanis and offers cabin camping experiences. The winter course weekends are Jan. 26-28 and Feb 23-25, 2018. Register at:

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Wood Badge, What Is It?

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