Dietary Restrictions

Including Food Allergies

Which Camp Programs Support Special Dietary Requests?

Only those programs operated by camp staff follow the guidelines below. For all others please reach out to your event organizer.

Eligible Programs:

Visit the pages for these programs for more information on each.

  • Fall Day Camp
  • Polar Cubs Day Camp
  • North Wind Winter Camp
  • Snow Base Winter Camp
  • Cub Scout Summer Camp @ Kiwanis, Phillippo & Stearns
  • Arrow of Light Camp @ Navajo & Stearns
  • Tiger Day Camps
  • Webelos Adventure Days
  • Cub Scout Family Camp @ Kiwanis & Stearns
  • Boy Scout Summer Camp @ Many Point & Tomahawk
  • Discovery Day Camps

What Special Dietary Restrictions are Supported?

Northern Star Council camps are able to provide substitutes or alternative menus for participants with the following dietary restrictions:

  • Peanuts or Tree Nut Allergies
  • Gluten Allergies
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Pork Restrictions (Religious)
  • Vegetarian Preference

My Dietary Need is not Supported. What Should I do?

Please bring your needed food with you to camp and we will store and serve it to you. As a result, you may receive a discount in your participant fees. If multiple dietary restrictions exist, contact the camp directly to discuss options.

How Do I Notify You of My Special Dietary Request?

Participants are asked to contact the camp one to two weeks in advance to arrange for possible menu substitutions. Due to order deadlines with our food provider, we cannot guarantee assistance for requests made less than 72 hours in advance. As a result, you will need to bring your own special food if making request less than 72 hours in advance. (The list below should have specific links to an email address or form and should include, summer, fall & winter programs)

  • Kiwanis Cub Scout Camp
  • Phillippo Cub Scout Camp
  • Stearns Cub Scout Camps
  • Many Point Boy Scout Camp
  • Tomahawk Boy Scout Camp

Our food service staff will not arrive until shortly before our season begins. Please indicate in your message if you require a call back once they arrive. Cub Camps also have an on line form to utilize for special dietary requirements.

Are Standard and Substitution Menus Available?

Menus are published and available one month prior to the opening of each program season.

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Dietary Restrictions

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