Fall and Winter Day Camp for Cub Scouts

Not just for summer- bug free activities for year-round Scouting fun

Fall and Winter Day Camps are programs for your Cub Scouts and families. They're perfect for new Cubs or even the most tenured Cub Scouts and leaders.

What are the Fall and Winter Day Camps?

You have the opportunity to participate in a ton of fun activities at our Fall Day Camp and our Winter Day Camp called Polar Cubs.

What is Fall Day Camp?

Fall Day Camp is a half day program for the whole family to attend. At Fall Day Camp you will have a chance to try BB guns, archery, bounce pillows, games and more!

What is Polar Cubs?

Polar Cubs is a full-day program held in the winter. You perform a mix of both indoor and outdoor activities (warmth and safety are always a priority). We do activities including LEGO building, tubing and other winter games!

Where Are These Programs?

Our programs are held at many locations throughout our Council. There's a good chance there will be a weekend near you!

Who Can Attend?

All Cub Scouts can attend both Polar Cubs and Fall Day Camp. Fall Day Camp is also for you, siblings, other family and friends. Polar Cubs is a little bit more exclusive and it is mostly just for you and your Cub Scout, however we do allow siblings to come along!

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up is completely online and easy to use. Many Packs will have sign ups through their Pack Leaders, so make sure to check with them to learn more. We recommend that you register as a pack instead of individually.

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Fall and Winter Day Camp for Cub Scouts

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