Marketing Push to Support Local School Night Events

Promotion underway on Radio, TV, and Social Media!

Your personal invitation to join is still the best way to recruit new Scouting members, but to support these efforts, here are some of our major marketing initiatives underway:

  • Radio ads on iHeartMedia (twin cities radio) featuring endorsements by Dave Ryan – a host who has been and continues to be positively influenced by Scouting.
    Radio Spot on iHeart Media Radio StationsDave Ryan Talking About Scouting
  • Television Ads on Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network – Our ads show our superhero theme with the fun and adventure of Scouting.
  • Facebook Ads – Promoted content to reach out to parents of Cub Scout age boys, especially Moms
  • Facebook Events - We created hundreds of Facebook Events for the schools in our area promoting School Night for Scouting, and boosted those events so they'd better reach people in those areas.
  • Digital Ads on Websites - A series of ads set to appear on a variety of websites (including CityPages). See an example to the right. 
  • Digital Influencers – “Mommy Bloggers” who will promote School Night for Scouting by sharing Scouting highlights and explaining why it’s a good program for kids and families.
  • Print Ads – In publications targeting major ethnic communities, community education catalogs in districts with limited school access and community papers in those areas as well.
  • Scouting Adventure Summit Climbing/Ropes Course at the State Fair - We had 6,000+ youth participate in our ropes course at the Minnesota State Fair and 1,100 young people who expressed an interest in joining Scouts.
  • StarTribune - We had not one, but two, articles in the Star Tribune about our Leadership Center Grand Opening event and our Scouting program expanding to girls in Cub Scouts. Find those articles in the related content section of this page.

These, combined with local yard signs, posters, T-shirt joining incentives and school flyers will help to spread the word. We’re asking everyone to supplement these efforts with the most powerful of all recruitment tools - your personal invitation to join, sharing why your son and family are involved.

Airing on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

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Kent York
 Director of Marketing/Communications

Marketing Push to Support Local School Night Events

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